About II2 Service

II2 SERVICE was found base on the I LOVE TO attitude in 2009. It also the life philosophy shares by all II2 founders and its employees. Base on this attitude and spirit we work hard and with passion. We love the work we did, and we devote ourselves in to this business. This is what make us unique and bring fast expanding to our business.

II2 SERVICE has been incorporated as an II2 SERVICE LTD company based in England as of OCT 10, 2009. Our initial focus was providing e-business solution for various industries need, as well we provide wide range of IT service include domain, host service, web design service, website content service and marketing service.

In 2011, we expanded our service to the area of whole set business solution including hardware, software and web solution to provide our clients with cutting edge budget e-solutions. We understand that applying E-solution to the business could be tough problem without years of experience in IT industry; therefore, we give our clients in full support e-solution from bottom to top, from hardware solution to web solutions. We give a full guide and assistance leading our client to the way of successful e-business; to the way of growing business step by step with budget e-solutions.

In 2012, we are devote ourselves in to online retail business, Our retail products range from virtual product to physical product, from personal use to business use. Not only we aim to be online retail expert, but also we hope that this practical online retailing experience helping our client further. In another word, because we do retail online and we did well, so our client should be doing well with the help of our solution and experience.

In 2014, we start develop Machine Learning Based AI, Focus on the following area: Online Business Data Analysis and Predict, Online Consumer Shopping Patern Analysis and Predict, Online Business Decision Learning. By the end of year, we published Business Assistant AI -- BAI 1.0. It has been used by many online business owner.

In 2015, With applying BAI to our online retail business, our online retail business has huge growth in sale total and profit. And we continue to upgrade BAI to learn with multiple language, and publish the multiple language version BAI. On the other hand, we are training our BAIs to be expertise in different business industrys: Fashion Retail, Catering business, International Trading...

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