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Picture of SEO Marketing Content Service Package

SEO Marketing Content Service Package

SEO Marketing Content Package serve three purpose for your website: enrich your website content; raise your website ranking for certain keywords; Effective online marketing.
Manufacturer: II2 Service Ltd

SEO Marketing Content Package:

  • 10 original articles per month;
  • Quality guarantee for each article;
  • Each article serve your specific topic requirement;
  • Each article match your key words or key word phases;
  • Each article write in SEO standard;
  • Each article 300-600 words;
  • Graphical, audio or other multimedia type could be included;
  • Serve best to your business promotion;
  • You have the copyright of each article;
  • You can change your topic every month;
  • Promote the article with an authoritative press release;
  • distributed online up to 50 websites;
  • Bring more visitor to your website;


How we write those article:

Keep articles short
Reading a long, copy-heavy webpage is hard on the eyes. The ideal length for a web article is 250-500words. If a topic can’t be handled in that length, we will consider breaking it up into two or three parts.
Keep articles focused
Before we start writing, we make a shortlist of keywords for each article. That helps us stay on track. From an SEO perspective, it’s most-effective to have the top two or three targeted terms or phrases written gracefully into the headline and first 15 words of the body copy.
Write for human beings
Websites may be ranked by machines, but they are read by people, who appreciate a friendly, natural online “voice.”
Write beyond the article itself
The webpage’s URL and description metatag would be carefully written to both attract and filter web visitors.
  • Monthly subscirption fee:£399/Month

    12 month subscription

  • 3 month half price trial you can terminate your service any time

Pay Full (Save £1288)
Pay full and save £1288. Best Value.
Old price: $4,788.00 (AUD)
Price: $3,500.00 (AUD)